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Interviews with Authors, Artists , Musicians.

Arts and Entertainment News Interviews with Authors, Artists , Musicians or Maybe Just The Guy Down The Street

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Episode 73

  • Episode 73
  • Singer Carrington MacDuffie :                      
    Carrington MacDuffie is not your typical Americana singer/songwriter. She is an award-winning voice actor, a spoken word performer, and a widely published poet; her music embodies a passion for language and sound, shaped by her carefree spirit a “female Jimmy Buffet.”Her latest release CRUSH ON YOU out in February 2016, is a collection of five original songs about the independent spirit of love crossed with longing, that MacDuffie herself refers to as electronic folk. There is a playfulness and sensitivity to her work, and the tunes are both catchy and deep. MacDuffie has merged her Americana folk singer/songwriter sound with an ’80s rock twist for an eclectic, retro sound. The tracks range from the powerful title track “Crush on You,” to the meditative “I Call You” with its steadily rolling drums, to the sweet melody of the ballad “Precious Kisses,” the dynamic lullaby “Sweet Pea,” and is rounded out by an anthemic ode to the musician’s instrument, “My Little Guitar”. Her vocal clarity and expressive range, her creative use of lyrics, and her signature background vocal styling ensure her unique voice will be heard in not only the Americana singer/songwriter scene, but in other genres as well.CRUSH ON YOU was produced in Austin, Texas, by Rob Halverson, who has produced and performed with an impressive roster of legendary Austin performers. Halversonics Recording has played host to a bevy of award-winning artists. On the CRUSH ON YOU EP Halverson (synthesizers, bass, piano, vibes, percussion, guitars) is joined by renowned drummer/percussionist Dony Wynn, who has long been appreciated for his work with Robert Palmer, Dr. John, Patti LaBelle, Brooks and Dunn, and Robert Plant. Paul Klemperer steps in on baritone sax, and Carrington croons, whispers, and belts out her vocals and plays acoustic and electric ukuleles and piano. CRUSH ON YOU was mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering, Portland, Oregon.

    Actress Adria Tennor:
    Born in a musical background, beauty with brains Adria Tennor is an eminent American actress, producer, director as well as writer. Besides her works before & behind the camera, There, she as well acts upon her show frequently around the town, “Electro Magnetic Stripper”, “There’s Not a Lot of Coat Check Work in LA” & the most presently “Strip Search”, enthused by her courses in pole dancing at the popular “The S Factor Studio” along with Sheila Kelley. Adria works regularly on films & television, she is best known for portraying recurring characters Joyce Darling, frank talking mate of Betty Draper on the AMC sitcom “Mad Men” & Clarissa Hawn, a kooky professor on ABC Family drama “Greek”. She had also appeared in the award winning movie by Michel Hazanavicius’s “The Artist”. The actress made her foray as producer with “The Sessiob” (Dough Blake) on a John Schneider movie “Smothered” & subsequently debuted as director with a short movie “Cracked”. Her further movies credit includes the 2008 American standup comedy “Don’t Mess with the Zohan”. Currently she is a recurring guest star on Amazon's original series Mad Dogs . Wonderful actress and person we were so glad to have her back on our show . Enjoy !!  


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Episode 71

  • Episode 71
  • Author : Nicholas Stanton                                                                     This brilliant new detective series introduces Los Angeles’ latest gumshoe.
    For those who have been waiting for the next Phillip Marlowe, Sam Spade, Mike Hammer, or Jim Rockford, the wait is over! Author Nicholas Sheridan Stanton unveils the latest result of his chronically leaky cranium in a clever new detective series he’s calling the Gumshoe Diaries.
    In the first book, The Gumshoe Diaries: Fortune Cookies Always Lie, he introduces us to Whitey Roode, a shaggy but likeable former LAPD gold shield who turned private investigator after (as he tells it) being invited to retire by the brass. Stanton then takes us on a wheels-within-wheels scavenger hunt for the killer—or killers—of pretty Mei Li Teng (a.k.a Sally November), the not-so-innocent niece of Whitey’s close friends and occasionally accurate snitches, Jai Lai and Lu Rong. The quirky Asian couple owns a trendy and ridiculously popular New York–style delicatessen downtown in the heart of Los Angeles called Show-M-U-Lyke-M. They hire Whitey to find out whodunit to little Miss Sally. As it turns out, the college education her uncles thought they were sponsoring is far more dangerous than the standard three Rs. Nicholas Sheridan Stanton, after a thirty-year career in the aerospace industry, is now a writer by choice and spends his time observing and living life as fully as possible. His books include Gabriel’s Promise, The Migrant, The Gumshoe Diaries, KK Undercover Mystery: The Cookie Caper, and KK Undercover Mystery: The Haunted Field Trip. He lives in Southern California.

    Rapper Thraxxup :
    What's up its Thraxxup. Hip-Hop musician with creative writing. Came from the city of south Chicago and now I'm chasing my dreams. Come join along this journey or #THEMOVEMENT is what I slickly call it! Ask questions, make suggestions, msg, etc everything is welcome! Thank you for all the support, I love all my Fans couldn't do it without yall....We sat down with him and had a great insight into the rap world from this up and coming hip hop star .


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Episode 72

  • Episode 72
  • New Zealand Band Ivy Blue                      
    Ivy Blue are an Alternative Rock band from Te Aroha, New Zealand consisting of THE URGE and A.FLOW.
    Ivy Blue are an Alternative Rock duo from Te Aroha, New Zealand made up of The Urge (born 1996) on Vocals, Guitars, and Keyboards, and A.Flow (born 1998) on Drums, Percussion, and occasional Vocals.

    They grew up together in Te Aroha and have played together in other groups, but decided to take the plunge as a rock duo in November 2013, and since then have gone from strength to strength.

    Their music is a unique blend of electronic, rock, and pop which when blended right can produce amazing results. Such songs include their first single 'Invisible'- a song about a person who feels invisible to the world.

    Ivy Blue released Invisible on March 25 via their former IvyNet.Com website for free listening and later released all 7 songs from the forthcoming album 'REVEAL' for free streaming on Sound Cloud. The stream was later taken down due to undisclosed reasons on the 4th of May 2014.

    The album saw official release on June the 7th 2014, receiving a generally positive reception on REVERBNATION and causing minor movement online. 2 weeks later, the band's second album WORLD MAGNETIC was released on June the 25th 2014, achieving similar results as the previous album REVEAL. We spoke with them about their new album 19 and their upcoming world tour. You don't want to miss this one !!

    Rapper 1G:
    What's up with rapper 1G ? Well he is here to tell us all about his new album and life in the music scene in Florida. Some really great music and wonderful conversation.